Beaconing Lights of Well Being


There are many ways of transferring and emanating well being into the world.  As an evolving science we find that through live research, meditation and contemplation, as part of a development journey, new ways of transferring well being reveal themselves.


The human being is a “Being of Light”.  The more we are in alignment to the natural flow of well being coming through Creation, the more we can be a natural beacon of well being lights into the world.


When connected to human and universal qualities, and when living and being with these qualities in our own lives, the light that comes from them can be beaconed out into the world.   Together with others of like mind and intention, this process is amplified and magnified, so that it becomes a brilliant light that shines on all. 


What are these human and universal qualities one may ask?  Well they are such things as hope, care, kindness, belief and devotion to name just a few.  Natural qualities giving out lights into a world that needs them.  The light that naturally flows through humans anywhere on the planet grows and grows into a human race network of extraordinary brilliance that cannot be denied.