Welcome to the Well Being Sciences!

The Well Being Sciences Organisation is a dedicated international group of people across all nations, creeds and age-groups, researching into the far-reaching Sciences of Well Being and Healing, with the belief that all are constantly being graced with new healing influences for the benefit of the human race, its Well Being and Evolution.




We believe and understand Healing to be a natural process, that is practiced by the transference of remedial essences from one person to another for the restoration and easement of bodily, mental, emotional and spiritual balances.  


The Healing Potential

Evolution does not stop, so it needs some people as a membrane to extend the current horizon of what is possible, in terms of Well Being and Healing.  For this reason, we are constantly trying to discover new and unprecedented forms of Healing, that we believe are incoming now to assist the human race.

Beaconing Lights of Well Being

 Our endeavour currently focuses on finding ways to promote and encourage the lights of the humanities to glow brightly in individuals and in the world, researching  and promoting qualities such as kindness, consideration, hope, belief, care, humility, truth, genuineness, integrity, mutuality and fairness to name but a few.  Some of these have been dimmed by the fast pace and unnatural pressures of the ‘civilised’ world, yet they are integral to the well being of an individual, a nation, a civilisation, and how much better should they be as

people grow and develop.   Where these qualities live and are upheld in their truest form would be a place or state of grace, balance, well being and light where malign and disease forces would retreat.