What is Well Being?


Well Being is an integration of many aspects – that come together to give an inner well of strength, a glow of health, happiness, connection, immunity, settlement, balance and so much more. It can transfer from one being to another.


It is a joy, a sense of all is well, more than nothing wrong. It gives enhancement, the ability to go on, to cope and do more, a fullness about life, a well bursting forth, the energy and love to be at full and a knowing that more is possible. It is unique for each person.


What might enhance it? – doing what one loves to do, special contemplations, places or being moved – felt in moments, minutes or hours. Its nature is throughout and integrated. It surges and radiates through our whole being and can expel ‘dis-ease’, can strengthen immunity in all its aspects and our will. It dispels negativity, brings balance, settlement and reconnection to our inner self and inate energy and healing ability. It is the elixir of life, when we touch it we cannot but want to share it through a word, a smile, a kind act, healing ways or simply in the very appreciation of it being there.


The Well Being Sciences – the endeavour to find more of it, to grow it, to share it, to discover more of how to bring healing to all that erodes our well being, from illness, traumas, pain, imbalance, lack of humanity, unfortunate thinking ... by close and deep study of all that brings well being to our faculty and systems i.e. physically, mentally, emotional, electrically, magnetically, for our soul, mind and spirit to bring the energies essences and presences that naturally live with an aligned true human being.


It’s where we can leave the past behind and move into the future.


Its moving beyond where such aspirations are a fantasy but rather finding, creating, refining and building a clear platform in which a deep settlement can reside upon which one can have a great sense of who one is and where one is going.