Well being can cause the dancer to dance, the singer to sing, the writer to write and the painter to paint ..…


Below are some moments captured or expressed through brush or pen…

River of Life



To become part of the river of life

To become like it

Flow with it


To be it

Flow with it

So become joined to the future



The life which is thus joined

Can only be of the way of the Future Now

And thus, be of service

To what gave life to this life.


Thus, purposes are built

Through living the life

Of the joined up life.


Hence, this life can join with the river of life

And go wherever it goes

Cleansing, aligning, allowing all things

To become as and what they were meant to be.

A State of Affairs

A State of Affairs

I am waiting

In the stillness

Of myself

For the future

To reveal itself

To me.

Only if it feels safe

And wanted

Will it come

From its hiding place

Into the soft light

That is nurturing

And maternal.


About Belief

The future is giving birth to itself

It fostered our lives

So we can lit the internal lights

To foster it’s life in our life

For it to enter that collective space

That we not own but offer it.


We can lit our own cells

And collectively shine

From being alive

With the hope and the wish

and the reasons why

from the knowing and feeling belief.


Radiating faithfully

Soft and firm

Made safe, settled and aligned

Making the future feel invited

For it to freely be.