Some of the things we do...

The purpose of the Well Being Sciences organisation is to connect to new incoming universal sciences of healing and well being;  to provide pathways of opportunity for its the appearance and establishment in a new evolving world.


We are pioneering ways of how improve well being states into the future and find the more of what well being is; to connect to it, to share it, to discover greater understanding of how to bring healing to all that erodes our well being these days, from illness, trauma, pain, imbalance, lack of humanity, unfortunate thinking ... by close and deep study of all that brings well being to our faculty and systems i.e. physically, mentally, emotionally, electrically, magnetically, for our soul, mind and spirit.


We encourage the development of healing qualities and energies, essences and presences that naturally live with a human being, initially in ourselves and then within the greater whole.


Within the organisation, peoples’ potential gets encouraged and supported - individually and collectively - and in the practice of well being, if they can leave the past behind and move into the future.


This involves specifically the research and development of concepts for the future (called Templates) regarding everything that supports the evolving of human well being, and includes passing on what has been discovered and experienced through working with colour, healing, meditation, emanation, herbs and flowers, gems, natural laws and sacred understandings of the workings of the human design, the planet and the universe.


In this context the Well Being Sciences supports an inspired mutuality and exchange between people with different philosophies of life, religion, nationality and origin.  This leads to working together with like-minded groupings of people around the globe which are compatible with its aims.