Well Being, Healing and the Unseen Worlds


For anything to be in a state of well being, means that it is aligned and in agreement with what designed it, and is therefore connected to the source from which it receives it’s nourishment.


We human beings live on planet Earth, who sustains us and gives us physical food and shelter and supplies us each day with new energies.  The energy itself is mostly not seen, although the effect of it is.  Take for example the energy of inspiration that fills a life up with unstoppable enthusiasm for something.   There are also unseen nature spirits and elementals that maintain all life upon Mother Earth.  So the presence of energy itself comes from different sources.


We live in the Universe and are upheld by Universal laws and essences, many of which are in assistance to the human race.  Some of these essences are remedial in nature and the bringers of new healing ways, that help the human race stay aligned to being with what the future may hold.


We understand that the human race is still evolving, and believe it has an important part to play in the bigger picture of evolution as a whole.  To have greater alignment with our natural human design, and to be connected with these unseen essence energies that come to heal and assist, is a core devotion and research of the Well Being Sciences.  It is a journey of increasing value and gratitude for what we have been given, which is in itself a great source of well being.