Healing is therefore not fixed, but can change natures throughout different eras in history.  To study the evolving nature of healing through the ages and into the future and to develop new skills is a science and is one of the reasons for our name:  The Well Being Sciences. 


We believe healing is a continual natural flow coming from the source of Creation for the benefit of all life.  Although it is commonly seen as being remedial, it also has the function of assisting life in aligning towards future evolution, so it works against the needs of each epoch.




For the past 21 years, through constant research and practice many healing methodologies have been developed.  They are constantly evolving and refining and have been working very effectively in helping those in need.  This help has been to individuals, and more recently we have also been focusing some of our research into developing the skills to be able to healingly help the many.  

Healing Practitioners


Some Well Being Science members in the network have developed Healing and Well Being Centres and practices, where consultations with clients take place.  The consultations are completely holistic and take into account all parts of the client’s life that goes towards making up a person’s state of health and well being.


The energy balances are checked, as are lifestyle aspects such as nutrition, stresses, allergies/intolerances, and the deeper issues such as the well being of the soul.


The aim is always to find out the cause of any imbalances and then, using remedial tools, help the clients to help themselves in improving their well being and overall state of good health.


There are different methodologies used to achieve this, some of them are the use of colour in accordance to the natural colour codings of the human design, herbs, healing stones, sound, movement, and aura wipes to ensure that the energies of the human system are balanced and clean.



We also offer our clients distance healing.


Danny is so much calmer and happier these days, he interacts more and is attempting new sounds all the time.  He seems to be a different child from when we first started.  It gives me great emotional comfort knowing that he is being sent love and healing, we can really feel it and we're sure it's working!!


(Mum of Danny, age 7 with Autism )

Thank you so much for the healing which my husband has been receiving.  When we first heard the initial diagnosis it was very serious and we both felt a huge relief and reassurance to know that you were there for us as we faced a rather uncertain future together.  He has been making incredible progress. The main area of concern is now almost indiscernible on his last scan.  We can't thank you enough for the regular distant healing he has had, and for including me in the healing, as it has been a worrying time for us both.  
Thank you for once again sending me the distant healing. It's only now that I'm starting to feel better that I realise how under par I'd been for a very long time.  It is indeed a wonderful gift to be in receipt of this level of healing.  People are starting to remark on how well I look, which hasn't been said for ages!  

 (AG and RG in East Devon. )